My primary focus is on print design. I have spent countless months researching the very nuances of paper and various printing methods. I have worked in design, pre-press, and production of printed materials, giving me an edge in ensuring that the product meets or exceeds expectations. Color matching is key.

I have designed everything from stick-on labels to posters, and everything in-between.



I can build a custom website that matches any identity using a custom CMS. This system allows flexibility and expandability after deployment, and allows easy editing of a live website. It is built in HTML5, CSS3, PHP4 and AJAX. All the websites I code are standards compliant, and completely cross-browser/ device compatible. Special attention is given to ensure a seamless user experience. Simply, it just works.



Simplicity and recognition is what drives a good brand. I understand the limitations of each medium a logo could be displayed on, and design with maximum usability in mind. Branding doesn't stop at logos though. I can develop a full identity for a company, a new face. I am extremely detail orientated in branding since it is the public face of that company. Every typeface is selected for its unique properties that represent the brand.



Every brand has collateral like letterheads, envelopes, business cards, pens, shirts, etc. A different side to collateral is digital. Digital invoicing and email templates are the next step to shrink the paperwork that piles up, and an interactive template is needed for letterheads and mailing. Everything is expertly designed to match the brand and make managing easier.



Over the years, I have developed a keen grasp on this skill. I am one of the few Oklahoma engineers that can deliver a fully polished radio-ready song. I can record, mix and master any genre of music, and any sound. I can also perform restoration on damaged audio, or do sonic cleaning to remove unwanted tones. Audio is my passion, so I have a mind for detail.